Foremost, Safety is common sense. Training and safety are major concerns in our company. We believe in doing things properly which in turn decreases injuries, damages, waste, and lost time. We also strive for a drug free work environment. Our Alcohol/Controlled Substances Policy is stated quite explicitly in Handbook. We demand adherence and violations are taken seriously and result in termination.

SAFETY IN NUMBERS was custom created by Jenifer who has 15+ years experience in the Physical Therapy field both working and teaching, and John who has 25+ years experience in lumping, warehousing and food processing. The following is a general overview.

Numbers: The higher number of things we do in a preventive and educational area results in lower numbers in costs, waste, and injuries. Our safety program has 4 main areas of concentration, which overlap into each other areas.

Our Safety Training Program Manual was set up based on a 10-step process where incidents and accidents are analyzed so that the risk of these in the future can be decreased.

Education/Meetings: This area concentrates on education, demonstration, handouts, and reminders. Proper body mechanics are taught; stretching exercises prior to beginning work are taught. Review of potential causes of injury: bad habits, improper lifting, inadequate workspace or area, etc.

Personal Safety: Stretching, lifting techniques, proper pallet handling, proper case handling as well proper pallet building, appropriate dress, the belieft your body is a tool and you should keep your tools in proper working order, not to bring home related stresses to work with you, following rules per handbook

Dock Safety: Proper lifting, body placement, wrap cutting and application, knowledge and awareness of hilos and machinery, pallet placement, area housekeeping trash removal, and recycling

General Safety: Emergency action plan which has been devised per DC, office area cleanliness and procedures, accident reporting which includes written statements from all those involved, Zero tolerance for drug use.