Our services we provide are:

  1. Customized Lumping and warehouse solutions through companywide policies and procedures that are consistent from management down to the lumper.
  2. Consistent low cost rates with the ability to split charges over same company owned warehouses decreasing costs to both our warehouse customers and the truck lines.
  3. Adaptability to the ever-changing world of warehousing logistics.
  4. On dock services include professional employees whom provide the following:
    • Proper and accurate handling of all types of product and their cases
    • Stacking and palletizing product to the proper ti-hi
    • Demonstration of proper wrapping techniques
    • Following damage free guidelines
    • Following leaking product guidelines
    • Are knowledgeable on different pallet programs
    • Trained in Rework/Relabeling as needed
    • Perform housekeeping to ABA and all other state and federal requirements
    • Demonstrate safety awareness by instruction through our SAFTEY IN NUMBERS PROGRAM, which includes potential hazards, safe lifting techniques, proper reporting of accidents and issues, and follow up documentation
    • Open communication with all warehouse employees
  5. For truck lines supporting warehouses and its vendors, we provide:
    • Quality service
    • Monitored load times for maximum efficiency
    • Consistently low rates
    • Direct billing availability which saves costs
    • Data capture and sharing which allows charges to be split over warehouses for split loads if needed
    • Consistently trained employees